Amasya Protocol

1.The unity of the Fatherland and national independence are in danger.
2.The government in ?stanbul is unable to carry out its responsibilities.
3. It is only through the nationís effort and determination that national independence will be won.
4.It is necessary to establish a national committee, free from all external influences and control that will review the national situation and make known to the world the peopleís desire for justice.
5.It has been decided to hold immediately a National Congress in Sivas, which is the most secure place in Anatolia.
6.Three representatives from each of the provinces should be sent immediately to the Sivas Congress.
7.In order to be prepared for every eventuality, this subject should be kept a national secret.

Declaration of Erzurum Congress

1.The fatherland, within the national frontiers, composes a unified whole, whose parts cannot separated from each other.
2.In event of the partition of the Ottoman Empire, the nation will resist unanimously, and defend itself against all forms off occupation and intervention.
3.In the case the central government be unable to insure the independence and security of the country, a provisional government will be set up for this purpose. The National Congress shall designate the members of this government. If such a congress be not in session, the Representative Committee shall appoint the government.
4.It is essential that the national forces take the field and that the nation will assert itself.
5.The Christian elements are not to be allowed special privileges compromising our political rights and social equilibrium.
6.No mandate or protectorate shall be accepted.
7.Every effort shall be made to bring about the immediate convening of the National Assembly and placing it in charge of governmental affairs.