(Dokuz  Unde ( Nine Principles) Proclaimed by the Peple’s Party April 1, 1923)

1.Sovereignty belongs unconditionaly to the nation.
2.The Grand National Assembly, which is the real representative of the Turkish people, abolished the Sultanate on November 1,1992. The Caliphate is an office dependent upon the Grand National Assembly, deals with Islam on an international basis.
3.The most important duty of the Government is to defend the security and to maintain order in the country.
4.Judicial Reforms.
5.a. Tax reform involving livestock;
   b. Measures to increase production and improve the marketing of tobacco, bearing in mind the best interests of the nation;
   c. Reforms in financial institutions to make credit available to industry, commerce and other sectors of the economy;
   d. The capital of the Agricultural Bank will be issued and measures will be taken to assist farmers more affectively;
   e. Efforts to make agricultural machinery and equipment easily available to farmers will be made by imports;
   f. Measures will be taken to protect and develop to a maximum degree those industries, which depend upon raw materials found within the country;
   g. Plans will be made and action taken with regard to railroads which are urgently needed in various parts of the country;
   h. In order to improve the quality of elementary education and to meet the requirements of the country, the educational system will be given increased attention and publicity, especially as regards faculty and staff appointment, promotion and training;
   i. Health and social assistance establishments and facilities will be improved and the helpless taken care of;
    j. Scientific developments, which are considered appropriate for the improvement of our forests, mines and animal husbandry, will be instituted.
6. The period of obligatory military service will be reduced.
7. Reserve officers and veterans benefits, etc.
8. An efficient Civil Service and Government to serve the people will be established.
9. Reconstruction of the country destroyed by the war will be undertaken.

                                                                                   Signed, April 8, 1923,
                                                                                   Gazi Mustafa Kemal
                                                                          President of the Association for the Defense of
                                                                          Rights for Anatolia and Rumelia.

From Elaine Diana Smith, Turkey: Origins of the Kemalist Movement and the Government of the Grand National Assembly (1919-1923), Washington, D.C., 1959.